Up and Running Again….. Kinda?

The short version of all of this is: we had to wipe the site and start afresh. I’m doing what i can to restore normality. Please stand by.

The long version is that something went wrong during maintenance and we ended up losing out back-end database that the website required to run. In my infinite wisdom I didn’t have any backups, so we’ve lost it.

On the plus side it does mean we have a nice fresh, fast-loading site now, with no old content bloat that nobody ever looked at.

I’m still filling in content, but until i get to that, this’ll do.

The To-Do list is as follows:

  • Write the About us page
  • Properly write the home page, or ditch it and use the news as our home page like we used to
  • Apply the new theme I’ve written
  • Add the current episode counter, once I’ve finished re-writing it.