Due to restrictions by the venue, we do have some rules we need to follow during sessions:

  1. The maximum number of attendees is 20 people, including the committee, on a first-come-first-served basis. This limit is imposed by the venue and may change from week to week.
  2. We will be adhering to venue Track and Trace requirements, and all attendees will be required to submit their full real name and contact phone number on their first entry. This is done via an online google form, a link to which will be provided on entry, with the data protected as per our data protection guidelines. Failure to supply these details will mean you are denied entry.
  3. The Committee will invite people into the room when it is ready. The approximate time for this will be 7 pm.
  4. Attendees are expected to remain in our room unless they need to use the venue’s facilities.
    1. We are permitted to use the Toilets and the Kitchen.
    2. If using the kitchen, you must clean up what you use.
  5. If not staying in the room during showings, please remain outside the venue, and do not congregate near the main door.